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A phone call is the only way to make a reservation, pick your local team and click the phone link:

Activities in Saint Florent

Reservations / informations on paragliding and microlights flights. 

+33 6 88 21 49 16

Paragliding in Calvi / Ile Rousse

Reservations / information on paragliding
around Calvi and Ile Rousse (various sites).

+33 6 08 72 67 19

Adventure park in Calvi

Information on the adventure park and tyrolean trail.

+33 6 83 39 69 06


Most of the answers to your questions are on the website. Please check the "Paragliding", "Microlights", or "Aventure Park" pages before sending an information request. We do not take reservations by email / internet message.

Your message has been sent!

We do not offer paragliding training and do not take reservation request by email. We do not have visibility on the weather more than 5 days in advance and do not take reservations before having this visibility.

We do not collect any information for commercial purposes.

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