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Discover the magic of free flight accompanied by a state-certified paragliding instructor.

Reservation & information :

Calvi / Ile Rousse : +33 6 08 72 67 19

Saint-Florent : +33 6 88 21 49 16

To know before you fly with us...

> RESERVATION: to book a tandem paragliding flight, choose the location that suits you (Saint Florent, Ile Rousse, Calvi) and contact our local teams by phone 3 to 5 days before your desired flight dates. Depending on the weather conditions and your weight, we will suggest an appointment. Please note we do not take reservations by email, we are open, in season, every "flyable" day.

> SEASON: Tandem paragliding is not offered in winter. Generally Tandem paragliding starts in April and ends in October.


  • Discovery tandem flight, approx. 15 to 20 minutes flight time: 95 euros.

  • Experience tandem flight, approx. 30 minutes flight time: 140 euros.

  • Recorded video of the flight (rent one of our action sport camera and take the micro SD card with you): 25 euros.

For each flight, you should talk to your pilot and tell him if you feel more contemplative or thrill seeking.

> GIFT CERTIFICATE: purchase a gift voucher for a tandem paragliding flight by visiting our shop. For an unforgettable memory: add the video option. Gift vouchers are nominative and sent by email. More questions: read the FAQ.

> PROCESS: after meeting the pilots and going together on a short walk on a trail, once arrived at the launch site. With appropriate wind conditions, a couple more minutes to fit the equipment and receive the take-off briefing before take off. The pilote, attached to the passenger harness, inflates the wing: the passenger takes a few steps and that's it: you are both flying. The whole activity commonly takes 30 to 45 minutes.

> MINIMUM AGE / HEALTH / PRMthere is no age limit for paragliding, with an appropriate equipment, we can fly young children who have asked for it and understand the basics of the activity. Tandem paragliding does not require a medical fitness certificate and a minimum of physical effort will be expected from the passenger. If you have a particular physical condition use common sense before booking and let us know about it. Flights for PRM and people with special needs are also possible, call us to discuss your needs.

> MAXIMUM WEIGHT120 kg / 260 Lbs. As the glider is not motorized the wind conditions are key to stay in the air. For passengers above 90 kg / 200 Lbs, it will already require air conditions that we do not necessarily have every day.


> SECURITY: tandem paragliding is not a fairground ride, the pilote ensures your safety, and their own, first. Before each flight, they have the expertise to properly assess the weather and wind condition in line with the weight of the passenger and the desired flight type. If all the conditions to fly are not met, the takeoff will be delayed or rescheduled.

> WEATHER: paragliding mostly depends on the aerological conditions, the orientation, the strength and the lift of the wind; we constantly make predictions by studying several weather models, and generally do quite well. But as everyone knows, the weather does what it wants. Facing unforeseen conditions, a flight may be delayed or rescheduled.

> DRESS CODE: dress as you wish. Wear sneakers, or some kind of shoes that are attached to your feet, and a sweater in May / June and September / October. For the flight you will be equipped with a harness, a kind of soft chair backpack, and a helmet.

> OBJECTSsunglasses are recommended, cameras can be carried, you can also take your video camera (prefer a stick to a harness, we do not allow helmet attachment).

> VERTIGO: usually, it goes away as soon as you leave the ground.


Flying locations 

Flight sites are provided for information only. For tandem flights, the instructors select the right site in your area and the time slots according to the weather conditions.

For autonomous paragliders, contact us by phone for recommendations or shuttles.


> SAINT FLORENT: Altore, Plage de la Roya
(Route de la Plage de la Roya, Saint-Florent 20217)


La Roya beach ("Plage de la Roya")

  • North wind flight generally from 11am to 5pm, take off from the hill at the south point of the Gulf of Saint-Florent.


Pignu / Col de Teghime mountain (fall and spring mainly)

  • West wind flight generally in the afternoon/early evening, take off at the top of the mountain, on the West side below the antennas. 


> CALVI / ILE ROUSSE : Various locations according to wind conditions, the main locations are:

Col de Salvi : Montegrosso mountain, Montemaggiore village

  • morning flights > Meet at the Altore paragliding panel on road D451, Montegrosso road, in the plain, 200 m. after the narrow bridge.

  • end-of-day flights > Meet at the Altore paragliding panel on road D151 between the Salvi pass and the village of Montemaggiore.


  • July & August > Meet at "Les Hauts de Davia" parking lot, next to the Curzo roundabout (where road T30 and D313 cross).

  • Other months > Meet on the parking lot of Ghjunchettu beach.


  • Meet at the beginning (south side) of Aregno beach in front of the Nautical Club.



  • Meet at the take off site on top of the hill located between Ostriconi beach (south side) and road T30. From the parking zone on the side of the road, follow the path to the top of the hill.



  • Meet at the take off site on the sea side of road road T30, 200 m. after the Lozari beach towards Bastia.

Certified pilots


Usually excluding during high season, Altore can provide paragliding courses and / or accompanied flying trips for confirmed pilots. To make sure your stay in Corsica is not spent looking for the good wind, we offer technical guidance, recommendation on appropriate flying sites and can also provide shuttle services. 

Contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.

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