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Explore the island of Corsica from the sky to discover hard to reach beaches, mountains, villages and lakes and experience the magic of flying in one of our microlight plane.

Reservation & information :

Saint Florent : +33 6 88 21 49 16

Flying in a microlight plane 


All our microlight planes, like all planes in this category, can carry only 2 people, the pilot and 1 passenger. If two (or more) of you want to fly, you need to plan 2 (or more) flights. 2 flights can be done in parallel, each in your ULM, following the same route.

> RESERVATION: to book a flight in a microlight, contact us by phone in Saint Florent up to days before the dates of your desired flight. Depending on the weather forecast, we will suggest appropriate planning. We do not take reservations by email.


  • Hydro: the flying inflatable boat (FIB) is a delta wing on an inflatable boat as a "cabin", our summer favorite to discover the coast from Ile Rousse to the Cap Corse (this aircraft is an FAI registered aircraft, see below for more information)

  • Three-axis: just like a little plane, we can take you all around the island in a record time.

  • Gyrocopter: like a small, fun, open air, helicopter.


  • 30 min. (hydro, trikes, three-axis or gyrocopter): 135 euros

  • 60 min. (three-axis or gyrocopter): 220 euros

  • 60 min. (hydro): 240 euros

  • Want more: starting at 300 euros

  • Optional video of the flight (micro SD card of your unedited flight): 25 euros to 35 euros depending on the flight time


Here are some suggestions, but do not hesitate to tell us about your ideal flight. We'll help you understand our constraints (distance, speed, weight) to imagine the best flight for you!


- in 30 minutes with the hydro, the trike or the gyrocopter...

  • "Agriates" the Agriates region and its incredible beaches of Loto and Saleccia among the most beautiful in Corsica

  • "Small Cap Corse" the west coast of Cap Corse, Saint Florent, Patrimonio, Nonza and its black sand beach

  • "Big Nebbiu" adding the south of the Cap Corse (Patrimonio, Farinole, Barbaggio) to the Small Nebbiu tour

  • "Small Desert" start with a tour of the Saint Florent gulf and fly on to the west to the beaches of Loto and Saleccia

- in 30 minutes with the 3-axis small plane...

  • "Big Nebbiu"  + the Saint Florent gulf and Cap Corse areas

  • "Big Nebbiu"  + "Agriates"

- in 60 minutes in the 3-axis small plane, the hydro FIB or the gyrocopter...

  • From Saint Florent to the northern point of the Cap Corse: Patrimonio, Nonza, Centuri, etc.

  • From Saint Florent to Ile Rousse: over the Agriates beaches and creeks

  • From Saint Florent to Corte (only in 3-axis): mountains, villages and rivers of central Corsica

"Next level" flights in the 3-axis small plane

  • Corsican peeks (Corsica has 200 peeks higher than 2000m / 6000f): Monte Cinto, Monte Rotondo, Renoso, etc.

  • Mountain lakes Mello, Capitello, Nino, Niolu, etc.

  • A special idea: tell us about it!​​

> GIFT VOUCHER: At this time, gift vouchers are only available for the hydro plane in summer. Visit our e-Shop to purchase.

> HOW & WHERE: depending on your location and chosen flight we will meet you at one of our 2 landing strips near Saint Florent (see below), briefing, buckle up and take off with your own private pilote.

> HOURS: in summer, flying conditions are usually the best in the morning and late afternoon. In winter, we can fly all day if the weather is nice.

> MINIMUM AGE / PMR / HEALTH: 12 years old with parents on location. Microlight flying does not require a medical fitness certificate and a no physical effort will be expected from the passenger. If you have a particular physical condition use common sense before booking and let us know about it. Flights for PRM are also possible, call us to discuss your needs.

> FLYING CONDITIONS: Microlight flying is primarily dependent on aerological conditions (orientation, strength, lift and wind currents). We make predictions by studying several models, and generally do quite well. But as everyone knows, the weather does what it wants. Faced with unforeseen conditions, a flight may have to be rescheduled.

> MAXIMUM WEIGHT: Microlight flying is mainly restricted by weight constraints. 100 kg / 200 Lbs passenger weight is the maximum our pilots are able to take on board.

> WHAT TO WEAR: the only heated plane is the 3-axis, the hydro is only flown in summer, you can wear your usual summer close. In colder weather, trikes and gyrocopter will require warm gears.

> OBJECTS: sunglasses and cameras (no stick).

A few words on the hydro microlight plane (FIB)...


> THE FLYING INFLATABLE BOAT (FIB): designed in the 80s by the company Polaris Motor s.r.l in central in Italy, the FIB is registered with the International Aeronautical Federation. With a wing of 11.15 meters (36 feet), it has a two-stroke Rotax 582 engine and an 80 liter tank, with a maximum speed of 90 km / h (55 miles / h) and several hours of autonomy.

> WHY? The flying boat, with its semi-rigid hull, flexible wing and solid engine is very well suited to explore the protected Gulf of Saint Florent and its surroundings. In addition to our tandem paragliding activities, the flying boat offers the opportunity to discover the beautiful wild landscapes of the region and a more contemplative approach to flying.

Microlights strips / airdrome locations


The pilots select the adapted site according to the weather conditions.

Autonomous microlight pilots can contact us to schedule their visit.

> Hydro platform "Gulf of Saint Florent" on the Roya beach, across from the yellow bowie channel.

> Airdrome "Domaine Aliso Rossi"  10 minutes from Saint Florent: on D82 heading south, at the Leclerc roundabout, take the west exit, following the "Domaine Aliso Rossi" and "ULM" signs.


> Airdrome "Lake of Padule" 15 minutes from Saint Florent: on D82 heading south, before you reach the Oletta village, take a right at the Santu Pedru di Tenda / Lac de Padule sign, drive across the lake and take a left towards Santu Pedru di Tenda, drive another short mile and take the first dirt road, on the left, going up the eucalyptus alley.

Learn to fly  

Pilote training and certification (trike, hydro, 3-axis): contact us.



​Shooting, aerial photography, site monitoring: contact us to assess your needs and establish a quote.

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