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Great, you have an appointment for a tandem paragliding flight!

Please follow the instructions below for the protection of all and to guarantee the completion of your flight in the best conditions.

  • Bring a change of clean clothes, in a dedicated packaging, suitable for your tandem paragliding flight (shorts or pants, T-shirt, sports or hiking shoes): you will be asked to put them on site in a dedicated space.

  • Bring a clean face mask and disposable gloves, and your glasses or sunglasses (in addition to comfort, they will protect you).

  • On your arrival, if you are more than one person to fly, present yourself 1 by 1 at the reception.

  • Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the meeting time to have time to change and equip yourself.

  • If possible, plan your payment in advance: exact cash or a pre-filled check. No CB.

  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available on site at different stages and a helmet protective mask will be provided. You can even take a shower on site!

The Altore Saint Florent summer hut is located in the center of La Roya Beach (across from the village) just after the U Pezzu camping and opposite Agriates Kayak.

Do not hesitate to visit the Paragliding page for any additional information. 

In case of concern, contact us at 06 88 21 49 16.

Thank you, see you soon!

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